Work is a reality for most people and there’s hardly anyone who goes to work out of his/her passion.
Some of us are bound to pay monthly bills while others are trying to afford the luxuries or support their family. In any case, we can’t get our lives together without working. Consequently, we try to
compromise various things at work in fear of losing the job – including a bullying boss. 

Workplace Bullying

Workplace harassment is one of the most common issues these days. And many people do not raise a voice in fear to get fired. Guess what? This is the main reason why employers abuse employees every now and then. And when we’re talking about workplace harassment, it includes abusing, assigning overloaded work, and maltreating employees. 

Tips to Deal with a Bullying Boss 

Having a bullying boss can make your working environment a living hell – even if you aren’t the one
being targeted. If you’ve been suppressing your emotions in fear to get fired, you’re doing it all wrong.
Instead, you should be the one to expose employers, managers, supervisors, or any senior who
maltreats employees for no big reason. 

In this regard, here are 4 tips to take care of employers, managers, or supervisors who maltreat

1. Look at the Company’s Resources 

The question is, who you’re going to report to if your own employer is abusing you? Well, check if your
company has an Equal Employment Opportunity Officer to file a complaint against the responsible party.
Note that you can also file a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in U.S.

2. Report It

Make sure not to stay quiet for long. In fact, report every bit of harassment as soon as possible. The
responsible parties aren’t legally responsible if they don’t even know about it. Contact someone in
human resources, the person responsible for workplace harassment at your company, or your
supervisor about the whole situation.
Make sure to find out if there’s a policy for maltreated employees to expose employers, supervisors, or


3. Collaborate with Co-Workers

If you’ve been a victim of overloaded work or any kind of workplace bullying, there are greater chances
that there are others like you too. Investigate which employees are in contact with the bully and talk to them. If you can safely, talk to people who have witnessed your boss bullying you.
Collaborating with co-workers and spreading the word about your boss is recommended if your
complaints were answered adequately.

4. Write Everything Down

Here comes the best part. After every unusual act, write down each and every detail associated with it.
From date/time to place to possible witnesses, make sure to write down anything to everything. Also,
write if you reported the issue to your supervisor or authorities responsible for workplace harassment.
Keep this record safe at home so you can use it against the bully employer in court or in front of human resources. 

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. 

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