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    I was hired in my previous company in a temporary position. Upon my arrival to work on my first day, my manager gave me a look, and I immediately knew what that look meant. I hoped that I was wrong, but I wasn't.

    He kind of put me in a category of people who cannot/will not do or learn more than the basic stuff in the warehouse that involved only very physical stuff.

    Other people who we were hired at the same time were converted to full-time positions except me regardless of timeless times I told him that I needed a full-time position.

    I had to reach out to his superior to ask about my conversion, which was granted to me by the way, but that brought other issues because my manager told other managers from other departments that I was a snitch.

    Until I transferred to another facility, I started to have peace of mind in that company. 


    Adam Miller 

    Conway, South Carolina


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